Surrey Bridging Finance

The home county of Surrey is a wealthy and desirable area, due to its beautiful scenery and proximity to London. With its large protected spaces including the North Downs, Surrey Hills AONB and Greensand Ridge, as well as its huge expanses of woodland and pretty villages, Surrey is quintessentially English.

Surrey has an excellent transport and road system filtering through the county, which has made it a desirable area to live. This has resulted in Surrey becoming an attractive location to purchase property or development land.

Nearly 1.2 million people reside in Surrey and it is this growing population that has led to a rise in development and demand for property in the area. Novellus’ range of Surrey bridging loan solutions can help businesses and individuals who are looking for funding options.

Houses in the town of Sutton in Greater London


What Is A Bridging Loan?

For buyers who require funding quickly, bridging loans are the ideal solution. They can be used to bridge the gap while long term funding is secured. They do allow property investors more flexibility, particularly for those properties which are not on the market for long. For a bridging loan application to be approved, the borrower will need to offer an asset as security, which is usually property. The application process is typically very brief, allowing access to funds often within two weeks.

A typical term for a bridging loan is 6-12 months. At Novellus, the borrower can pay off the loan at any time within that period without incurring any exit fees (save for the interest payable during the repayment notification period).

Using a Bridging Loan in Surrey

There are several reasons why a borrower will apply for a bridging loan. These include:

Surrey Auction Purchases – buying at an auction provides an opportunity to secure good investment properties at competitive prices. However, as soon as the hammer goes down on the sale, the buyer is committed to immediately paying a deposit, with the balance due generally within four weeks. As the bridging loan application process is a swift one, they are seen as a viable funding option for this type of purchase while long term finance is secured.

Surrey Property Investment and Development – Surrey has long been a desirable area to live, resulting in property investors always on the lookout for good development areas. Due to this, potential locations and property are never on the market long. Investors, therefore, need to have available funding at hand if they do not want to lose out on a property they need to purchase quickly. Bridging loans offer a speedy solution for property developers looking to invest in Surrey.

Surrey Buy-to-let – as more people look to move to Surrey, rental property has become in high demand. For potential landlords seeking buy-to-let properties, bridging loans can be a useful form of short-term finance while seeking longer-term funding options.

Who Are Bridging Loans Suitable For?

For anyone looking to buy or invest in property or land in Surrey, bridging loans are a good fast-funding option. They are also a good solution if the property is currently uninhabitable, as a traditional mortgage will not be awarded until a property is considered to be habitable. Bridging loans allow time for the buyer to complete the renovations and then apply for a new mortgage or sell the property.

Commercial property developers working on multi-million-pound projects may also consider a bridging loan, as can anyone requiring quick funding to secure their purchase. Bridging loans can be used for a variety of diverse reasons; as long as a high-value asset, such as property, is available to act as security for the loan.

Bridging loan lenders in Surrey

It is possible to arrange a bridging loan through a broker but you can also talk directly to your Surrey bridging loan lender of choice. Novellus products include unregulated bridging loans, ranging from £50,000 to well over £5,000,000. Loans based on an LTV of 50 – 70% will be considered favourably, although an LTV of up to 90% may be approved in certain circumstances. We also offer bridging loans nationwide as well as bridging loans in Surrey.

To find out the approximate costs involved with a bridging loan, use our online bridging loan calculator for guidance.

Who Can Apply For A Bridging Loan

As we have no fixed criteria or credit committees, the application process with Novellus is simple and stress-free. The best way to find out if you qualify for a Surrey bridging loan is to call us today on 0203 397 4871 or fill out one of our application forms.