Hampshire is one of the most desirable areas to live in the UK. Sitting at 13th place in the top 20 places to live in the UK since 2018, it offers a great quality of life.

The coastal areas and stunning countryside give Hampshire a unique charm and a well-developed road network means you can travel with ease. Rail lines run into Waterloo, either from Portsmouth via Petersfield or from Salisbury or Southampton via Basingstoke

Hampshire has plenty of historic homes, large farmhouses or smaller cottages, large Georgian homes, country estates and Victorian detached properties. Prime properties in the best areas, perhaps with stunning river frontage or Solent views are in high demand and there is land for development as well.

Securing a bridging loan can open the door to many investment opportunities in Hampshire.

What Is A Bridging Loan?

If you need funding quickly, bridging loans are a good option. You can use them to bridge the gap until you are able to secure long-term funding. This way, you gain the flexibility and financial freedom to grab properties that are not on the market for long.

To apply for a bridging loan application, the borrower will need to offer an asset as security. This is typically a property you already own or the one you are investing in. At Novellus, we keep the application process as brief as possible to expedite access to the funds you need.

It usually takes about 2 weeks to get approved for a bridging loan and you can set the term for 6-12 months. If you are able to pay off the loan earlier than the agreed-upon period, you can do so without incurring any exit fees. You are only liable for the interest payable during the repayment notification period.

Hampshire bridging finance
Source: Britannica

Using a Bridging Loan in Hampshire

There are several reasons why you may need a bridging loan to buy property in Hampshire. These include:

Hampshire Auction Purchases:- auction properties are usually sold below market value, so this is a good opportunity to secure a good investment. However, you must be able to immediately put down a deposit, with the balance due generally within four weeks. A bridging loan can help you secure the fund you need while applying for long-term finance.

Hampshire Property Investment and Development:- Hampshire is a desirable area to live, attracting property investors who look for good development areas. Therefore, if you find a lucrative location, you need to purchase quickly. Bridging loans offer a speedy solution for property developers looking to invest in Hampshire.

Hampshire Buy-to-let:- as more people look to move to Hampshire, rental property has become in high demand. For potential landlords seeking buy-to-let properties, bridging loans can be a useful form of short-term finance while seeking longer-term funding options.

Who Are Bridging Loans Suitable For?

Bridging loans offer more flexibility and you can even negotiate better terms that can save you thousands on the cost of your finance.

You can use bridging loans for a variety of diverse reasons; as long as a high-value asset, such as property, is available to act as security for the loan. Funds can be available in as little as three days and can be used to purchase, refinance, or refurbish all types of property asset classes, including land

Bridging loan lenders in Hampshire

It is possible to arrange a bridging loan through a broker but you can also talk directly to your Hampshire bridging loan lender of choice. Novellus’ Bridge Program offers additional flexibility for those who do not yet qualify for traditional financing, giving the borrower time to obtain long-term financing.

To find out the approximate costs involved with a bridging loan, use our online bridging loan calculator for guidance.

Who Can Apply For A Bridging Loan

At Novellus, we can help navigate the bridging loan application process from start to finish. We will look at your unique needs, financial situation and process smoothly and efficiently.

Our goal is to get you to where you need to be as fast as possible. Please call or email us today for more information.