Frequently Asked Questions

Novellus’ credit process is clean, simple and transparent.  We are privately funded, allowing us to make our own decisions which accelerates the application and approval process.  We can issue indicative terms within 24 hours of the enquiry.  Typically we complete deals in 2-4 weeks from initial engagement.  However we have been known to complete quicker.


Novellus specialise in lending from €500,000 with no upper limit.  As we use our own capital, each enquiry is individually assessed.

Novellus provides bridging finance to assist with the purchase of residential investment property, commercial property, and land (with or without planning).  Or for refinance of existing loans on investment property assets.  We can also finance renovations, and residential ground up development projects.  These types of loans are considered less risky to the lender and will generally have more competitive rates.

A bridging loan is an ideal short-term solution if you want to buy an investment property quickly. If the chain breaks in the middle of the purchase a bridging loan will ensure that the sale can still proceed.   Novellus offer unregulated loans, we cannot provide finance for and/or take security over a principal residence or a primary home.


Bridging loans for extensions can be arranged for residential investment property only.

Yes, you can get a bridging loan to buy a property at auction. It is a common method for financing auction property purchases in the first instance, as loans are approved quickly, meaning a buyer will have access to cash fast. Auction properties often need to complete within a month and traditional mortgages will often take much longer than this to arrange, which may limit a buyer’s options. A bridging loan fills the gap, giving time to secure long term finance. This is one of the most efficient uses of a “Bridging Loan”.

Novellus offer varied term lengths; a bridging loan example term is generally 6-12 months but as every application is considered on a case-by-case basis, these timeframes can vary.


Novellus do offer longer perm products for qualifying borrowers who want to lend for 3-5 years. Rates start at 7% for this product. Like our short term finance products, the loan must be secured against commercial real estate.


Typically loans with Novellus are secured by a first legal charge against property or land in the UK and Ireland, but in certain circumstances, we can consider other high-value assets. We have lent against international property assets and against businesses so whilst the majority of our loans are real-estate backed, please do still call with any funding requirements as these will be assessed on their individual merits.

Novellus offer commercial bridging loans to limited companies and partnerships. At Novellus we consider every application on a case-by-case basis as we do not follow any set criteria and we are not tied to fixed products. If the person applying on behalf of the company has experience within the property industry, this will stand the application in good stead. A large deposit will also assist with the application and will help Novellus offer the applicant better rates. We understand the structure and our lawyers have lots of experience with trusts and complex ownership structures. We will not shy away from company-owned assets and whilst the time frames may vary, we have completed many loans to international companies owning UK and Irish properties.

One of the biggest factors when deciding on a bridging loan over traditional funding options is how fast bridging loans are from application to approval to final funding.  Novellus can work with a borrower to satisfy all requirements as quicky as possible. We have completed loans within a matter of days. However, four weeks is a reasonable estimate to complete, to allow time for completion of valuation and legal documentation. 

Typically, Novellus have a minimum interest period of three months within our terms. Thereafter, there are no charges for early repayment. 

It is possible to obtain a bridging loan with a less than perfect credit history. All borrowers are subject to a credit check, up front communication in relation to historic credit issues helps greatly in the underwriting.  We have lent to borrowers who had previously been bankrupt and understand that not all individual cases are the same. CCJs and historic financial issues will not mean an immediate rejection. We will try to understand why and believe that the past does not have to dictate the future. However, the more information we have up front will enable us to clearly communicate how we consider the risk and ensure that any issues can be swiftly dealt with. 

You will be responsible for an application, valuation, legal and commitment fees (if applicable), before the loan is drawn.  Any other fees plus interest are charged on redemption of the loan. All fees are clearly communicated in our loan documentation, so you know exactly what fees are charged before you commit to a loan with Novellus. 

Novellus only lends for investment property assets and not a principal residence or family home.  Security requirements include a First Legal Charge over the investment property asset being financed.

 Of course! All applications are confidential and your details will never be shared with anyone else (aside from the solicitors) without your express permission.  Please view our Privacy Statement.